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With the blessings of Pujya Gurudev

Nature takes its due course when energized, fast-paced footsteps are replaced by hesitant, slow ones...when an admirably erect back assumes the form of a gently slouching one... when a clear- cut, taut face gets marked by the inevitable lines of age...

The Beckoning of old age, besides making a human being a rich reservoir of experience, also merits affection, care, nurturing and respect like never before.

We live in a fast world where materialism has overtaken the concepts of care and attention to our elders. Very often we are tempted to think that theses Elderly Persons are a burden on Society and a hindrance to our daily work. There is a tendency to keep such persons away from our eyes and minds because they do not fit into our plan of life. It may however, be worthwhile to remember that the young of today are the old of tomorrow and it is better to set ourselves of taking good care and giving due attention to our Elders and that is exactly what RADHA - KESHAV HOME FOR ELDERS strives to do. It caters to their basic Physical and emotional needs and offers a shelter not only of roof, but also of love ad security.

RADHA - KESHAV HOME FOR ELDERS is situated 175 kms away from Mumbai, 2000 ft. above sea-level , amidst the lush green areas of Deolali, (Nasik) with picturesque surroundings and a climate that invites good health and cheer. It is easily accessible by road and rail. The Home works on No-Profit No-Loss Basis, where all the charges made at actual. The singular humble endeavor of this Non- Profit Organisation is to make the life of our Elders meaningful and motivated so that each time the skies turn orange as dusk falls, they look forward to be optimistic brightness of the next morning.